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2 In 1 Yoga Roller Bar

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The yoga Foam roller is made of the highest quality epp material. It is a medical product, completely safe and environmentally friendly. The whole set consists of hard elements, and each roller has its own unique size and shape. Thanks to such a diverse structure of the elements, the set of rollers will allow you to effectively relax the body from the toes to the top of the head.


Rolling is recommended to be used before or after the training unit, depending on what we care about.

Rolling used before training is intended to increase the range of mobility in sensitive areas. Preparing the body for exercise and preventing any risk of injury.

Rolling, on the other hand, after training, is aimed at relaxing excessively tense muscles, which will accelerate the regeneration process. Thanks to properly applying to roll, you will improve your results in training.

Rolling means faster exercise results and perfect relaxation for your muscles.


  •  stimulates the work of muscles and increases their efficiency
  •  high product quality
  •  increase the range of motion
  •  visibly reduces cellulite and firms the skin
  •  simple and safe to use
  •  relaxes the body and prevents muscle pain
  • has a positive effect on the production of collagen
  •  effective during rehabilitation

Health is the key to happiness. Do not wait and take care of your and your loved ones' happiness. Pro-health products and ecological food are indispensable elements of our passion. So trust professionals and entrust your health to us. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, where you will find world-class producers and the highest quality products.

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